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Hostgator vs iPage

Hostgator and ipage hosting are both strong competitors in the world of web hosting services. Find out who we would recommend in the battle of hostgator vs iPage by reading our hostgator and ipage hosting review below.

Hostgator Review

Hostgator offers a lot of versatility and a near endless amount of features that make it a great option and easy to fall in love with. First of all, they have multiple levels of plans in each of the key web hosting categories including:

  • 3 shared web hosting plans (both linux and windows based)
  • 4 virtual private server plans
  • 3 dedicated server plans (both linux and windows based—a rare treat to see in the web hosting world)

HostGator-LogoThis provides the ultimate in scalability as hostgator will have a plan that suits you when your business is just starting out and a plan that suits you every step of the way.

It’s also really easy to set up and maintain considering the suit of site building tools and other features that are included in the plans. And it has very flexible email management.

You can have an unlimited number of email accounts, even on the most basic plan. And setting up an email account is super easy although you will have to do it one at a time which can get a little tedious if you are creating dozens or even hundreds of them.

It’s biggest weakness is probably security. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist but it isn’t included like it is with iPage. You’ll have to pay for add on security features like daily malware and hacking monitoring or private SSD certification.

However, the prices for these add-ons is negligible and when you consider how much you’ll probably spend in add-ons for iPage as your business grows, hostgator is still the more affordable and more feature-rich option.

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Plus, they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee that gives you the confidence your site will actually be up and running.

With the affordable pricing and the wide variety of scalable hosting plans coupled with the number of features and tools, hostgator is a great option for just about anyone looking to build a quality, respectable and functional website.

iPage Web Hosting Review

iPage web hosting really stands out in the area of site building. It uses weebly software to make site building simple and intuitive even for the novice users. Using the built in tools that are already on the site, you can set up a store, launch a blog, and run a website all right there from iPage.

weebly site builder start something logo

That’s some great functionality that can be hard to find. It also offers both linux and windows based web hosting which makes it that much friendlier to novice and beginner users.

Their standard package offers a lot more than most standard packages including:

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain registration
  • Included security tools

And they also throw in some sign up bonuses like search engine and marketing credits. So they really have a lot to make their offer attractive.iPage Logo

However, with those great aspects in mind, there are some important drawbacks that need to be mentioned:

  • No month to month plans. While hostgator allows you to get a month to month plan that saves you from having to make a commitment, iPage does not have this option. Their shortest contract is one year. So if you’re not ready for that long of a commitment, this can be a huge problem.
  • Limited scalability. While the terms say there are other hosting plans available, the only one you can sign up for on the site is their standard plan. And as great as that plan is, we’d prefer to see the option to upgrade to better plans as you grow like you can with hostgator.
  • Aggressive upselling. While signing up and even after you have the account, ipage will continue to try and sell you add-ons and additional features. And because there is essentially only one plan, anything you want to add to it costs extra. In the end, you could be spending more for a customized ipage plan than you would for a hostgator plan that already included all of that.
  • Higher renewal price. They may draw you in with a low initial price for your first contract but as soon as you renew that contract, the price jumps up. So if affordability was one of ipage’s selling points for you, you might want to look into their renewal pricing and reconsider.

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You can save money on their prices by searching for an ipage coupon. There is always an ipage promo code floating around somewhere. But be wary of sites offering coupons in exchange for your information. At best, you’re going to have your email flooded with spam. At worst, it will be a scam.

Final Verdict

So in the battle between iPage vs Hostgator, our general recommendation is hostgator. The balance of affordability and high number of features makes it one of the best choices in town.

However, iPage is not without its merits, especially considering how affordable it is. Depending on what you need, ipage may actually be a better choice for you than hostgator. Their standard plan is more inclusive than most standard plans. So before you make your final decision we recommend reading additional hostgator and iPage reviews.

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