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Hostgator vs Godaddy

When we think about web hosting one of the first names that will pop into our heads is Godaddy. And, indeed, one of the first search results that will pop up is, again, Godaddy. It’s become one of the most recognized brands in the market.

And there is good reason for that. However, there are new stars on the rise that are beginning to prove their worth and becoming strong competitors for Godaddy. Hostgator is one of those competitors.

If you’re still struggling to decide which web hosting service is right for you, some additional information about the companies can be helpful. Read our reviews of hostgator and godaddy web hosting below to find out who we would recommend in the battle of Hostgator vs Godaddy.

Hostgator Review

Hostgator leads the market in versatility and reliability. They have an impressive uptime that allows them to offer the 99.9% uptime guarantee but they often go for months on end with a perfect 100% uptime score.HostGator-Logo

That means that with hostgator, you have absolute assurance that your website is online and working for you at all times. To back up the reliability, they also offer stellar customer service.

They respond promptly on the phone and via their live chat online. And if you email them, you’ll also get a prompt response. More importantly, the response is actually helpful as the customer support staff is highly knowledgeable and actually committed to helping you find solutions for any problems you might be experiencing.

And if for any reason you are still unsatisfied, you have a whopping 97 day guarantee meaning that you can cancel and get a full refund anytime within the first 97 days.

They also do everything they can to make the process simple. Set up is super easy and quick. Plus, the tools and features that you get with hostgator make the process of actually building your website simplified.

But if the experienced site builders out their cringed at the word “simplified,” don’t worry. The site building tools are actually very advanced and comprehensive. They just make it easier and more intuitive to use them.

One of the key downsides that we need to mention, though, is security. While hostgator likes to pack a lot of features into its plans, there are simply not enough security features already included.

You can choose security feature options to add on to your base plan for a very reasonable additional price (no more than a dollar or two extra per month depending on how many additional features you add).

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But even if you add on the extra security features (which we feel are fundamentally essential), you’re still probably paying less than you would over at godaddy.

With the affordable pricing and the wide variety of scalable hosting plans coupled with the number of features and tools, hostgator is a great option for just about anyone looking to build a quality, respectable and functional website.

Godaddy Hosting Review

Godaddy definitely did earn its reputation. It also boasts an impressive uptime which it has consistently maintained for a long time. And, like hostgator, they also offer excellent customer service that is available around the clock every day of the week.GoDaddy-Logo

Another parallel it shares with hostgator which makes both of these web hosting companies stand out from the pack is the option to have a windows based dedicated server. Almost all dedicated server plans are exclusively linux but both hostgator and godaddy have windows options.

When you compare the windows dedicated server plans, however, hostgator comes out ahead with 5 GB of ram for its most basic plan (compared to godaddy’s 2 GB) and a lot more features. Plus, hostgator offers a lower price.

So godaddy is still definitely a stronger competitor and worthy of their reputation and they also show that they are definitely committed to staying ahead of the game and offering the best in web hosting services.

However, as much as they are committed, they just aren’t as cost effective as hostgator for what you get.

For example, with hostgator, the weebly website builder is included in the base price. Over at godaddy, you have to pay extra if you want a site builder included. Godaddy also restricts the amount of included email more than hostgator.

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Overall, it’s definitely a web hosting service you can depend on. It’s got great uptime scores, outstanding customer service, and great features. But not all those features are included in the price.

That means that, in the end, you are getting more bang for your buck when you go to hostgator which also offers excellent uptime and amazing customer service. But they pack in more of their available features into the base price and tend to give you more to begin with in each plan.

You can save money on their prices by searching for godaddy coupons. There is always a godaddy coupon floating around somewhere. But be wary of sites offering coupons in exchange for your information. At best, you’re going to have your email flooded with spam. At worst, it will be a scam.

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Final Verdict

While godaddy is a highly recognizable brand that has managed to dominate the market for a while, the champion in the competition between godaddy vs hostgator is definitely hostgator. It’s so versatile and so packed with features that every user falls in love almost instantly.

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That’s not to say this is the end of the road for godaddy. They still provide a great service and can be the right fit for some people. So before you make your final decision we recommend reading additional hostgator and godaddy reviews from other reliable sources.

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