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Hostgator vs Arvixe

In the wide, wide world of web hosting companies, there are many competing to be the best around. Among them are hostgator and arvixe. If you are trying to choose between hostgator and arvixe hosting for your website, this review can help you understand some of the key differences.

There are certainly pros and cons to each service and what works best for one person or business will not be the best for another. But there are some distinct advantages that could set one above the other in most cases. So read on to find out who we would recommend in the battle of hostgator vs arvixe.

Hostgator Review

Hostgator is one of the best options in web hosting services around today. There is just so much to love about it.

Beginners and novices will love the easy to use tools and intuitive interface that makes building and running a professional, attractive, and highly functional website simpler than ever.

The more experienced users will love the advanced level of features and tools available that give you more control over your website and greater ability to customize and create exactly what you want your website to be.


Their shared web hosting plans are some of the best around. While they push for you to sign up for longer term contracts, they do offer month to month plans. As you do your research, you’ll find that is a rarity in the web hosting world where long, binding contracts are the norm.

To make it even more attractive, they offer both linux and windows based shared hosting plans. This is another important feature considering many companies will only offer linux and your business (likely) has a lot of software and tools that need windows to operate.

Even more impressive, their dedicated server packages are also available for both linux and windows—something that is even more rare to see. So you can have the power and dependability of a dedicated server and the friendlier interface of windows.

It’s true that they aren’t the ONLY web hosting company offering windows based dedicated server packages but they are definitely one of the few that offer one that actually functions well on that operating system.

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With the affordable pricing and the wide variety of scalable hosting plans coupled with the number of features and tools, hostgator is a great option for just about anyone looking to build a quality, respectable and functional website.

Arvixe Hosting Review

Like hostgator, Arvixe is also pretty strong when it comes to shared hosting plans. They have a wide range of features and scalable plans that will grow as your business grows. However, where hostgator gets the upper hand is in the fact that private SSL certificates are already included.

But where hostgator stands out for offering windows based dedicated servers, arvixe takes the lead for offering the most budget friendly dedicated servers. So if you are looking for maximum power but you aren’t ready to shell out the cash to cover the often high prices, arvixe should be making its toward the top of your list.


You can save even more money on their prices by searching for an arvixe coupon. There is always an arvixe promo code floating around somewhere. But be wary of sites offering coupons in exchange for your information. At best, you’re going to have your email flooded with spam. At worst, it will be a scam.

Where arvixe really leaves customers wanting, however, is in the areas of customer support and uptime—two aspects we find to be extremely fundamental to any web hosting service which is why hostgator is are ultimate top choice (unless you’re looking for budget friendly dedicated server packages).

Customer support at arvixe is not as helpful as it could be and it also forces you to endure torturous long wait times. Our advice: dial the number and then do all of your household chores while you wait for a representative to actually take your call.

It has also been experiencing a lot of troubles with uptime in the past. However, fortunately, the company has acknowledged these problems and began working diligently to solve them. Their uptime has improved drastically to the point that they can now offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

And their customer support is gradually taking steps in the right direction but it’s still not helpful or quick enough to put it in competition with hostgator. So overall, arvixe is a strong choice and boasts plenty of great features and perks to make it a worthy competitor.

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However, hostgator is ultimately one of the best choices across the board and has been the most consistent in its performance.

Final Verdict

Hopefully these comparison reviews have helped you better understand what you can expect from each company and decide which in the contest of arvixe vs hostgator is best for you.

Our recommendation in general is hostgator. It is the best option for those who aren’t as experienced with site building and the other aspects of running and maintaining a website. However, arvixe has its selling points as well especially for the budget conscious.

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Ultimately, you will have to decide where your top priorities lie and which of the companies has a plan that best meets those priorities. So before you make your final decision we recommend reading additional hostgator and arvixe web hosting reviews.

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